The Tomb of the Unknown Martyr
Full HD. 10min:38sec. 2014
In 21st of October 1970, a monument was erected by the Palestine Liberation Organization on top of a mass grave in Jabal Al-Ashrafiyeh, a highly controversial and dense zone in central Amman which has Al-Basheer hospital and the historical mosque of Abu Darwish, a tourist attraction that defines the area nowadays. This monument was built to commemorate the martyrs slaughtered in the massacres of "Black September" 1970. A few months later that monument was demolished by the Jordanian Military Forces on 31 May 1971.
The monument is a metaphor of the long lost tombstone of the unmarked mass grave; it's a failure to remember the victims of the Jordanian civil war and it's massacres. This is an exact replica of the original memorial; a built mass sitting in the public sphere as an examination to the collective consciousness and it's  relationship with the public space and power structure over two moments in time in the same place.